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Best Heat Pump for Money

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006 heat pumpWhen it comes to the heat pump, there are so many things that should be considered. One of them is related to price it takes for purchasing a set of heat pump for completing your house. There are so many elements that greatly affect the price of the heat pump. Eventually, it will lead to the best heat pump for your wallet that you can purchase. The first factor that can determine the price of the heat pump is all about the size. The pump size is measured by the ton, and the more the size of the house, the more ton required for making the pump effective.

The best heat pump for money will be the lowest size possible. It is rated at 1 ton and it is usually priced at $1,300 for a complete system. The price will go higher up to $3,000 if you use the service from the company to install the system to your house. Indeed, it costs a lot just for installation because it is really complicated especially for an underground heat pump that extracts heat from the ground. In addition to size, it is also essential to recognize the efficiency that the heat pump can carry for operating.

The $3,000 system usually will get you the ideal efficiency rating i.e. 16 – 18 SEER. However, it is also worth noting that it is not the best heat pump for your wallet. If you want to look cheaper heat pumps, there is a solution – obviously. Heat pumps with 13 – 14 SEER is priced at the half which is absolutely good for those who do not want to spend more money for additional 4 SEER rating.

In addition to recognizing its size and efficiency level, it is also necessary to consider the brand of the heat pump. Some famous brands such as Tempstar, Carrier, Goodman, and Bryant are quite expensive. For the best heat pump for efficiency, the brand goes to Gibson as right now.